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High View Roofing, offer professional and experienced metal roofing services and metal roofing  and metal roofing repairs throughout Sydney. High View Roofing is a family owned business and is based in Sydney. We provide metal roofing services and roofing restorations for both commercial and residential homes. Our work is exceptional and we are considered industry leaders in metal roofing. Specialising in metal roofing Sydney, metal roof repairs and metal roof replacement services, our team always leaves an impression with our customers. Our business objective is to be the leader in metal roofing repairs Sydney and recognised as a metal roof repairs Sydney industry leader.  High View Roofing ensures each metal roof  job  is performed with quality, style and creativity. We achieve this through our professional service, on time delivery, efficient and quality metal roofing workmanship and our customers are always at the focus of every task we perform. Metal roofing repairs Sydney

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metal roofing repairs sydney

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Customers chose us for Metal Roofing Sydney and Metal Roofing Repairs Sydney over our competitors:

  • High View workers are trained professional and metal roofing and metal roofing repairs experts.
  • We pride ourselves on honesty, we will explain and keep you informed throughout every stage.
  • We pride ourselves on knowing roofs, so you get the best metal roofing advice.
  • We provide FREE quotes and inspections upon enquiry without obligation.
  • We are fully insured, fully licensed and recognised industry leaders in metal roofing and metal roof repairs.
  • High view metal roofing staffs are available Mon – Fri from 7am-5pm and on Saturday from 8am-3.30pm.
  • Contact HV Roofing – professional and quality metal roofing Sydney and metal roof repairs Sydney.


If you require metal roofing repairs Sydney please call 0450 589 771

Advantages of Metal roofing

Metal sheeting is primarily made of aluminium or steel. Steel roofing for commercial and residential roof applications is extremely lightweight and provides a number of benefits once installed.

Life Expectancy – a metal roof will normally last as long as the house, they are built durable and strong to block out winds, water and snow. Metal roofing properties are resistant to insects, rot and fire and Colorbond provide a 25 year warranty on the product within Australia. Additionally roofs can be painted adding to the lifespan of the roof.

Quick installation – metal roofing materials will come supplied in panels or sections, delivered to site ready to install. A licensed and professional metal roofing installer, such as HV Roofing can install these quickly. This is due to products light weight, interlocking system, ease of handling, minimal structural support and instant fastening to the roof. This is great for emergency damaged roofs or incidents require quick installation.

Fire resistant – with a Class A fire rating impervious to fire, the highest class in the roofing products category they are highly favoured by commercial and residential owners.

Heat reflective – metal reflects the radiant heat from the harsh Australian heat and sun.

Hence, saving household dollars on energy consumption within your property. Many Australian roofs will also have insulation installed to maximise their energy savings.

Roof pitch – metal roof sheeting can be properly installed even on a roof that has minimal pitch using clip lock system.

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