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A fully licensed and safe business enterprise is a prerequisite these days and you don’t need to worry about us because at HighViewRoofing.com.au we are fully licensed and insured. We need to be licensed to allow us to perform the myriad types of roofing as well as cladding services we provide to our clients all over NSW. Another business priority is to take out insurance, which we do, so that our business is safeguarded from unforeseen events.

The worry that can take you by surprise

It’s unfortunate but true that many homeowners tend to think that once a roof has been installed, it will stay serviceable forever, or at least, they tend to forget that it suffers from natural wear and tear. Extreme temperatures, rainfall, wind, hail and frost plus unsuspected projectile can suddenly leave you with a leaking roof. But there’s no reason to be anxious. HighViewRoofing.com.au has everything in hand to fix your leaking roof whatever the cause and the size of the damage.

We got you covered from the start

The moment you become our client, we immediately start a monitoring programme specifically for your roof. We know where you are and our first priority is to provide you with immediate access to our office complex. Our repair and maintenance team will log you into our monitoring programme and you are covered for periodic checks and inspections to ensure everything is in order. We are available 24/7 for any emergencies that crop up anytime with a team always on standby.

Versatility is a key element in our business

Many people believe that dealing with roofing means that you don’t have to involve effort in other roofing fixtures such as gutters and downpipes. HighViewRoofing.com.au does the whole lot which means the roof itself, the gutters as well as the downpipe. Water is precious to the occupants and the channels it uses to travel into the house must be serviceable and clean. Our installation, repair and maintenance teams are qualified and well equipped to deliver top quality repair work on your roof.

Astounding qualities of metal roofing

Despite the worries that may be caused by a leaking roof, it’s safe to say that the metal roofs we provide can take a lot of beating before they succumb to leaks and by that we mean a range of 30 to 60 years! Another blessing is they can survive hurricane force winds of up to 160 mph. They are extremely durable and can save 40% of cooling costs and 15% of your heating expenses. We have the right kind of metal roofing materials for your needs.

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