Metal Roofing Process

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Metal Roofing Process

In terms of economies of scale it wouldn’t be viable for to commit resources to the manufacture of its own metal roofing materials. Its entire metal roofing services depend entirely on the efficient production of essential roofing materials by manufacturers. The steady supplies of these products fuel what is known as the roofing process. This process ensures that any disruption of your house and the lifestyle you lead is kept to a minimum so you can continue to enjoy living in your own house.

A plethora of profiles and accessories

The different types of metal roofing materials provided by manufactures to our storage sheds are of a wide range with each and every metal roofing material produced to the exact specifications that we require. The range is astonishing with corrugated iron as top of the list with all types of shapes and sizes configured to facilitate work on roof restoration, complete re-roofing plus the repair of gutters and downpipes. Additionally are the accessories also provided by manufacturers for curves, sheet cover, gutters and capping plus ventilation, insulation and sarking

The essential basics of the metal roofing process

Essentially the roofing process is comprised of the following tasks:

  • Inspection and measurement of roof to ascertain damage by twisting and timber dislocation from impact and termites.
  • All roofing materials are delivered to work site
  • Safety railings are put in place for OH & S compliance
  • A minimum of one roof section removed and replaced per day to avoid harmful weather disturbance
  • Removal of old roof into a bin or packed properly
  • Recycling of worn out materials for environment protection
  • Installation of valleys take place
  • New battens put in place in conformity with rafter spans and roof type
  • Levelling and nailing of battens into place occurs
  • Laying out of building blanket (heavy duty)
  • This is followed by the installation of the roof in square formation to the building perimeter allowing for maximum house cover
  • The tiles are then nailed and the metal roof screwed down securely
  • Laying of ridging takes place
  • All loose material waste and debris are removed in a thorough cleaning up process
  • The safety railings are removed from the work area
  • The completely installed roof is inspected one last time before the it is handed over to the client.


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