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Roof Cleaning Sydney

Over time, dust, moss and lichen accumulate on your roof depriving the house of its beauty. The moss and lichen form a habitat on your roof making it look unsightly. Highview roof cleaning sydney will help you by cleaning the roof for you to restore its aesthetic value. It is a simple means that can go a long way into transforming the image of your home or property. We have a vast experience in roof cleaning and our dedicated team ensures a thorough job is done on your roof. In addition, we are endowed with quality tools and equipment that leave us with no excuse but to render quality services to our esteemed customers.



For roof cleaning we start by applying a biodegradable sterilizing agent that will be able to dislodge the moss and lichen that has invaded your tiles. We use this environmentally friendly material because the other harsh chemicals like acids can damage your gutter.


Once this sterilization has taken place, the roof appears black in colour due to the effect on the moss and the lichen. High pressure water cleaner is then used remove the dirt and to dislodge all the accumulated dirt. However, this needs a skilful person in order to avoid damage to the roof or cause any internal damage. It is important that the cleaning is done comprehensively including the gutters plus the neighbouring house and then rinsed thoroughly.

It is very important to note that roof cleaning sydeny is very necessary especially before tapping rain water from the roof. This ensures a clean source of water. There is a myth that claims that one needs to paint the roof after cleaning. We would like to demystify it and emphatically say that that is false.

Roof cleaning is a simple way of maintain your roof yet it offers a lot of advantages. For one, by eliminating the moss and lichen, you will increase the lifespan of the roof since the moss and lichen play a big role in eroding the roof. Secondly, if there are any issues with the tiles, they can get noticed and acted upon before the defect becomes too big that it will need replacement. In addition, a clean roof is appealing to the eyes and increases the value of a building. Moreover, roof cleaning is cheaper than other methods such as replacement of the roof or restoration of tiles hence, can be afforded by everyone and so many people should utilize this service.

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