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Roof Painting Sydney

Roof painting is about maintaining and protecting your largest asset, and is often overlocked by homeowners. HV Roofing place roof painting as a focal point because of the many advantages and benefits that roof restoration brings. Many customers are not aware that just by  adding restorative protective paint to your roof you can save thousands of dollars on roof repairs and restoration?


Simple roof restoration and preventative roof maintenance has numerous benefits for home owners. Apart from saving major dollars on roof repairs and maintenance, roof painting maintains the aesthetic value of your home, business or commercial property. Furthermore, if you have property investments, then a simple roof restoration will add value to your assets on resale or rental income.

The use of heat reflective roof restoration paint on your roof has a great impact you would not believe. Dulux heat reflective paint is the best alternative to insulating your roof, especially during the hot summer seasons. Dulux research shows that on a typical hot summer day in Australia, a black roof can heat up to ninety degrees, making the inside temperature of your house more than thirty five degrees. By utilising heat reflective paint, the roof actually reflects up to ninety percent of the suns rays away, thus treducing the temperature within the house by a significant twenty percent. The use of Dulux heat reflective paint will allow your home to be cooler during summer , it will also reduce the requirement of a fan or air conditioner during summer, hence reducing your household bills and your carbon global footprint whilst making your roof look aesthetically great.

HV Roofing are your roof restoration experts with over ten years experience providing roof restoration services throughout Sydney. We only utilise Dulux roof painting products because of  their high quality and perfectly suitable for Australian environmental conditions . Our knowledge and industry experience means we use the correct processes,the right tools to get the job done according to Dulux standards. In addition, Dulux supply a large range of colors available for the residential and commercial market so you can rest assured that there will be a colour available to match with your home, wether it be brick, concrete or render and also gutters and home features. Since we utilise Dulux 962 Acra Tex, industry membrane leader we are also able to paint glazed terracotta tiles. Contact HV Roofing for further information and advice.

Roof Painting Sydney – The Roof Restoration Process

Roof painting is a three step process and procedure. Firstly, roof cleaning and an antifungal is applied to the roof. Secondly, a roof primer or a sealer is applied determined by the texture of the tiles. Finally, a base colour coat is applied and then a top coat professionally sprayed.



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