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Roof Replacement Sydney – Need to completely replace your run-down roof? Call our expert consultants who will give you the best advice, roof replacement solutions and quote.

Does your roof look deteriorated, old and require roof replacement?

Looking to add value to your investment property or home?

If you have answered yes, then your roof has served you well for years, however it is time for a roof replacement by HV Roofing, let us give your house or property an exciting new look and make over servicing the greater Sydney area.

roof replacement Sydney



roof replacement sydney


Roof replacement Sydney

All types of roof, whether it be metal, concrete or terracotta tile, has a life span, after which no type of repair or maintenance such as roof cleaning or roof replacement will make a difference. The roof requires to be replaced. With our knowledge and experience of 10 years in roof replacement Sydney industry. HV Roof replacement Sydney wide services can transform your house using our wide range of designs, styles and colours. When it comes to professionalism, knowledge and roofing workmanship, we are industry leaders.


Look at our wow roof replacement Sydney job done.

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At HV Roofing, we are passionate about roofing style, creativity and innovation. Roof replacement Sydney wide, is completed by our professional team in several process. Firstly  we strip back and remove your old roof. We structurally inspect all roof beams and batons and replace the sarking where required. The battens are then installed to the roof beams and structure followed by putting down your new tiles. After this is completed we begin the process of re-bedding and re-pointing the ridgecaps.

If your roof is a metal roof, we also have available suitable metal roofing packages for home owners since the use of metal iron for roofing products has become more frequently requested over recent years.  At HV Roofing, we are experienced and innovative and are able to provide metal roof replacement. We achieve this by using the highest quality products – Australian Blue Scope Colourbond Steel. The process firstly requires removing the old deteriorated iron sheets followed by installation of new battens. The new colourbond sheeting is then carefully placed and secured to the main structure of the house into the desired design, giving your house a brand new looking roof.

Colourbond steel sheets are available in a range of different colours, providing you with the possibility to choose your favourite colour and match it with your existing home. Once decided the roof replacement Sydney team at HV Roofing will come and install your new roof for you. Our specialist roof replacement consultants are here to assist you every step of the way. If you are unsure of your requirements or needs, our team will  be able to advise you accordingly based on your wants.

HV Roofing guarantee a professional roof replacement project completed on time and within allocated costing.

Contact the experts for your next roof replacement Sydney based job. Experienced and qualified workers who only use leading roof replacement products. HV Roofing are your roof replacement Sydney experts.

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