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A Precious but Corrosive Agent

At High View Roofing in Sydney, we all know how precious water is for all of us in many different ways but in terms of the home, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Water flowing freely into the house can pose a very real threat to the occupants inside. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that naked water does not flow into the house in such a manner and one way of doing so is by repointing. This technique consists of repairing damaged brick work mortar which can allow water to seep through cracks and into the house. Once in the house, the water begins its damaging work.

The first line of defence

All parts of the house are important, but in so far as exposure and incessant contact with the elements, the ridge tiles take precedence over them all. It is the one place where water can find passage and do its damage inside the home. Repointing is therefore applied to the exposed part of the tiles and in the past a combination of cement and sand mixed with water was used. The downside was the susceptibility of cement to shrinkage and therefore cracking. But now other flexible materials are used instead of cement and successful long lasting ridge tiles is the result.

Safety must always take first place

Working on a sloping and sometimes slippery surface can be very dangerous at the best of times and the risk of falling from the roof is a real possibility that have been known to actually happen. A loss of foothold on the roof’s surface is all that it takes to lose balance and when the fall begins, it gradually increases in momentum as gravity takes over and pull you along the roof surface. The fall poses danger not only to yourself but also to those below you, that is, unless you had to common sense to have tied yourself first to the chimney. You may have been carrying working instruments with you and these can fall also causing a real threat of injury to others.

The professional way of doing repointing work

Once you have secured your safety by the use of ropes, you can mix a manageable amount of repointing compound and repair damaged tiles. You must place loose tiles back in their correct places and replace those that are damaged. Then you must apply the prepared mortar to all the damaged tiles so that all tiles are securely rebedded. The process is slow as each and every tile has to be prodded and checked for secure placement before the mortar is applied but it is a crucial process to make sure that every tile is securely in position. If you want Smarter Roofing to do repointing work to your roof, all you have to do is to perform a simple task.

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